Five Questions with Our CEO Zack Timmons

January 9, 2021

Last week, we sat down with our CEO and co-founder Zack Timmons to get an inside look at Good Apple and its foundations. Read on to learn more about Good Apple's mission, what inspired Zack to create a company focused on giving back, and his vision for Good Apple and Austin's future.

Their biggest struggles are often not medical at all--  they’re trying to make rent, send their child to a good school, or put a healthy meal on the table.

1. So Zack, if I was new, what would you like me to know about Good Apple?
In short, Good Apple is groceries from your neighbor. We are an Austin-based, local produce delivery service on a mission to end food insecurity. Good Apple funds sustainable impact by using a two-sided business model. First, we operate a paid, local, organic produce delivery service for customers. Then, using the funds from the paid service, we provide a pediatrician-prescribed, free grocery delivery for families facing food insecurity. In this way, for every box we sell, we send another to a family in need here in Austin. 

2. Where did you get the idea? Tell us about yourself.
While I serve as a Co-founder and CEO of Good Apple, I’m also a medical student. I have the privilege of taking care of patients, who trust me with their most intimate problems. Their biggest struggles are often not medical at all--  they’re trying to make rent, send their child to a good school, or put a healthy meal on the table. As a future physician, food insecurity is particularly worrisome because it causes worse health. And that’s why we started Good Apple. 

3. Tell me about Good Apple's progress to date. How have things been going?
Good Apple is a relatively new company, founded in October 2019. Since then, we’ve had incredible support from the Austin community to-date. We currently have over 500 paying customers, have delivered nearly 750,000 lbs of produce, and have kickstarted community impact in Austin, delivering fresh produce and other groceries to nearly 25,000 families in need, directly to their door, free of charge. And this is so important, because for many of our impact clients, transportation is a huge barrier to accessing healthy food, and we’re breaking down those barriers by delivering fresh food directly to their doors. 

4. What is your vision for the future? Where do you see Good Apple going?
We envision an Austin--and someday a Texas and maybe America--where everyone, no matter their zip code, has access to healthy food. At Good Apple, we’ve already proven we can make a meaningful impact in Austin by providing groceries directly to the doors of those who need it the most. Now, in partnership with Ford and the City of Austin Transportation Department, we’re excited to scale our business to serve even more families facing food insecurity in Austin. 

5. What else would you like your customers and supporters to know? Is there anything you'd like to leave people with?
I would want our customers and supporters to know two things - first, Good Apple is a team effort, for the betterment of the community, and we couldn’t do it without our impact partners Hope Food Pantry, Welcome Table, Austin Transportation Department, and CapMetro, our local farm partners, or our medical partnerships through Dell Children’s Hospital here in Austin as well as the People’s Community Clinic. And second, if any supporters like what Good Apple is doing and want to eat delicious, local produce, while making a difference, please spread the word and go to to sign up today! We really appreciate all the support!