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Curious? Here's How Good Apple Works!

January 25, 2021

Wondering how exactly Good Apple works, or how to become a Good Apple yourself? If you’ve made it to our blog, you may know broadly what we do (and it’s okay if you don’t!). Read on to learn more about how we not only deliver delicious produce, but also support the local Austin producers and fight food insecurity….

All of our farm partners are family-owned and operated, and all of them are run by people passionate about food.

We wanted to explain what goes into getting our box to your door - and the door of a neighbor in need! So here’s the whole process, truly farm to table. 

Our fruits and veggies start their journey where all food should - on a farm. We work with local farm partners around the Austin area, who grow a multitude of foods. All of our farm partners are family-owned and operated, and all of them are run by people passionate about food. We started out by finding our farm partners at our local farmer’s markets and getting involved in the local Austin food network. As we grow, we’ve also had farmers request to join our network, and we always welcome new producers.

Each week, our farm partners harvest what’s in season, whether that’s winter vegetables like parsnips or summer fruit like peaches. They set aside a portion of the produce for Good Apple, and deliver it to our packing facilities, right after it’s picked and right before it’s delivered. 

Once the produce is at our facility, we get started packing away - we don’t want your food wilting away in storage after all. We worked with our amazing design team at UT to create the colorful boxes it comes in. Each is carefully packed with the week’s list of produce. When you sign up, you can choose which size you want - our Original box is enough for two to three people for a week, while our Individual one is meant for just you (and maybe a friend!). Subscribers might get a box every week, every other week, or just once a month, which you can choose when you sign up and can change at any point. We’ve made the frequency flexible to fit your schedule, and you can also skip a week if you’re out of town or are already well-stocked (just send us an e-mail at Additionally, we wanted to make sure food allergies are taken into account, so subscribers can notify us if there’s a certain item we should leave out of their box. 

In addition to everyone who’s signed up and paid for a box, we also put together a set of boxes for families or individuals in need. That’s because it’s a core part of our mission to not only supply healthy local food, but to make sure it gets to those who need it the most - all part of fighting food insecurity in the Austin area. 

Once all the boxes are packed, we’re ready to deliver! We make our deliveries all across Travis County on Sundays. Subscribers are able to pick their delivery window (morning, afternoon, or night) so they can make sure the produce won’t be sitting outside for too long. We also send a text notification letting you know that your box has arrived. And that’s pretty much it! Once you’ve gotten your box, we also include some delicious recipes to give you ideas on what to cook, but otherwise it’s up to you how you enjoy your fruits and veggies. We’re just happy we were able to help you do that, all while helping local farms and communities in need!